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The Binkeez mission is to provide blankets to babies and children struggling to survive life-threatening illnesses, acute developmental and mental disorders and severe burns, all the while offering support to parents, siblings and caregivers.

Annual Report

Binkeez for Comfort is a conscious love initiative made up of threads of roots, faith, hope and strength


Thank you Binkeez for keldons baseball blanket!! What a true blessing yall are!! You bring such comfort to the kids!!


Buy a Binkeez Give a Hug The purchase of each Binkeez will not only wrap you or a loved one with love for the battles our children didn't choose to fight.

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To ensure Binkeez for Comfort blankets reach those fighting illnesses away from the comforts of home.

ABOUT binkeez

binkeezSWADDLE is just more than a swaddle blanket. it rooted in a most beautiful

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There are those others whose lives we affect by our actions and never knowing who we are or what we do.


There are many ways to support us.Your contribution whether a one time donation and recurring.